I am mainly interested in the study of dynamics of linear operators and strongly continuos semigroups of linear operators. I am also interested in Graph TheoryNetwork Science, and in the applications of Mathematics to Computational and Systems Biology, Communication Networks, and Psychology.

You can have a look at my research papers in Mathematics. You can also check them at some research databases  such as MathScinetZentralblatt, Web of Knowledge, and Scopus (either you or your institution should be registered).  You can also check this list having a look at my ResearcherID.

If you want a copy of any of my research papers, please can contact me at

I have also participated in a number of research conferences as speaker. In addition, I have stayed in the following universities  Bowling Green State University (2 months in 2004), Kent State University (1 month in 2005), Università del Salento (1 month in 2007), Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (1 month in 2008), and Universität Tübingen (1 month in 2009).





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