DaLiCo Summer School on Open (Governmental) Data

Within the context of the collaborative university project «Data Literacy in Context» (DaLiCo), the first summer school with international students as participants and lecturers from all partner countries of the project took place in the last week of September. It was organized by the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW Hamburg), in a team led by Prof. Christine Gläser (project coordinator, Department Information) with contributions from the partner universities Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht (Netherlands), University of Debrecen (Hungary), and Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain).

During the summer school with the topic of Open (Governmental) Data, the participants studied intensively in lectures and workshops the infrastructures of open data sources, data analysis and visualization as well as data ethical questions and concepts, and finally the aspects of data sharing in the research context.

In data projects, the international teams of PhD, Master and Bachelor students deepened their newly acquired knowledge and put it to practical use. Using the World Happiness Report, I mentored some groups that developed their own research questions and examined whether aspects such as gender equality or unemployment have an influence on the happiness index in different countries. The research results of these projects can be viewed on the project website projects.dalico.info


Kick off of DaLiCo Eramus + project

I am responsible of the UPV group participating in the Erasmus + project DaLiCo (Data Literacy in Context), jointly with Nacho Despujol and Carlos Turró. Our partners are: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), University of Debrecren (ED), and the University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht (HU). We had the kick off meeting in November 7-8n 2019 in Hamburg.

Data Literacy (DL) is defined as the ability to collect, to manage also complex information, to evaluate and to apply data in a critical manner (Ridsdale 2015). This does also include smart use of digital resources. All students in advanced learning, irrespective of discipline, need to acquire this key competence that will allow them to thrive.

Our project, DaLiCo (Data Literacy in Context) will be focused on increasing the visibility, quality and usage of existing Data Literacy activities at the participating universities.

You can find a further description in https://albertoconejero.webs.upv.es/education/dalico/