Valencia UPV team succeeds in iGEM competition

Since 2014, I have been participating as instructor of the Valencia UPV iGEM team jointly with Diego Orzaez and Jesús Picó. After five years and some special prizes, the team has achieved the best one, the Grand Prize, that recognizes as the best project in the competition. Valencia UPV undergraduate team has achieved a great success in the iGEM competition. The project was named  Printeria, and it consisted of a fully-equipped bioengineering device able to automate the process of printing genetic circuits in bacteria but made as simple and easy to operate as a domestic desktop printer.

The project was also recognized with the best project in the track «New Application Project» and the special prizes of «Best Hardware», «Best Software Tool», «Best Wiki», «Best Model», and nominated for «Best Parts Collection, Best Poster, and Best Education and Public Engagement».

You can find the documentation of the project here:


I have participated as a member of the Organizing Committee of the Conference ATENEA – WOMEN IN ARTISTIC TECHNOLOGIES, that was held at UPV (València) at the Facultad de Bellas Artes. This was intended as a network space for women in art, science, and technology.

I organized there a special session about female students participating in academic competitions and developing extra-curricular projects while studying in the university. I want to thank the following people who kindly accepted to participate there.

Chair: Carlos Ripoll (Coordinator of the Generación Espontánea Project at UPV)


  • Rocío Benavent (Prime the animation)
  • Saray Cerro (Azalea – Soalr Decathlon)
  • Irene Martínez (Chatterplant – iGEM)
  • Amparo Perucho (Club de Debate)
  • Mª Ángeles Espinosa (Hyperloop)
  • Katja Alexandra Ampudia y Alicia del Valle (YuDe)

It was really interesting to hear them about their projects, their goals, and their vision of gender equality in the university, their teams, and in the rest of the world.