Apart from teaching mathematics, I am involved in several educational projects in the university.

On the one hand, I tried to improve my teaching. I also investigate how Mathematics can be more interested for the students. I am also interested in success, and how soft skills development can contribute to personal and professional. success. Here you can find of my research papers on education.

Currently, I am working on an Eramus + project on Soft Skills, called Core Skills for the 21st century (CoSki 21). This project is leaded by Jose-Luis Poza-Luján. Other collaborators from UPV are Nuria Lloret and Ángeles Calduch.Here we are collaborating with partners from Turku AMK University (Finland), ISCAP Porto (Portugal), Hogeschool Utrecht (Holland), Win (Austria), and Institut Integra (Slovenia).

I am also coordinator, and one of the instructors of the Valencia UPV participating in the iGEM competition on synthetic biology. In the last four years we have succeeded several times obtaining nominations and several special prizes. More information can be found here.

Former projects in which I have been involved: