Grant concession from BBVA fund SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

On September 30th, 2020 we have received funding for the project Ciencias de Datos e Inteligencia Artificial contra el COVID-19, IA4COVID19, from Fundación BBVA among more than 150 proposals presented to the call in the category: Big Data e Inteligencia Artificial (“Data-IA-COVID-19”). This proposal has been lead by the data research scientist Nuria Oliver from Ellis Alicante. The initiative, is linked to the Valencian Strategy in Artificial Intelligence.

Our project is a collaborative work that we have developed voluntarily and altruistically since the beginning of the crisis caused by the pandemic, professors from Valencian universities. The research entitled «Data science against Covid-19» brings together the participation of civil society (through a citizen survey), experts from the academic-research environment, and public administration, with the aim of providing information so that the those responsible for public crisis management can make informed decisions based on scientific evidence obtained from data analysis. In particular, I collaborate in the epidemiological models part and as head of the UPV node together with Miguel Rebollo from the VRAIN Institute. The initiative, linked to the Valencian Strategy in Artificial Intelligence through the commissioner of the presidency occupied by the researcher Nuria Oliver.



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