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Lalaby, the app that will monitor the quality of life of cancer patients

I have participated in the development of an app called Lalaby in collaboration with Sabina Asensio, Juanmi García, and Ángel sánchez, from BDSLab. This app allows you to monitor the patient’s day-to-day life and does so from the information collected by the sensors of your mobile phone and from other sources stored in it that allow you to calculate your physical activity (movement and displacement), social interaction (voice frequencies) and network activity (amount of data used). In addition, Lalaby allows the integration of questionnaires, such as the EORTC QLQ-C30 (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer- QLQ-C30), widely used to assess the quality of life, as well as for the patient to directly record the activities carried out, your symptoms and pain level. From all this information, Lalaby makes it possible to obtain user behavior patterns and relate them to quality of life indicators, according to sources from the academic institution. These patterns can be of great help, for example, to monitor possible changes in mood, activity, symptoms, etc., in people starting cancer treatment, which offers doctors valuable information to make the best possible decisions for the day-to-day of the patient.

We are developing a pilot case in Hospital Dr. Peset (València), jointly with Inmaculada Maestu’s team. This study case has appeared in several media.

VALENCIA PLAZA: Lalaby, la «app» que monitorizará la calidad de vida de pacientes con cáncer

More details can be found here: https://aplicat.upv.es/exploraupv/ficha-tecnologia/patente_software/26083

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