Recommendation letters

Of course, I am generally willing to write these (assuming of course that I am already sufficiently familiar with your work). If you were my student, a minimum mark in one of the subjects I taught you is not required, but the higher, the better. It is also very important that you had participated very actively in them.

I typically require at least two week’s notice, and very specific information as to where the letters should be sent, in which format, and by what deadline. In particular, you should give me this information (all with links to the call):

  • Which program do you want to apply? Add program, syllabus.
  • Why is it important to you?
  • If it has a connection with subjects or projects in which you have participated under my supervision or with me, please indicate it.
  • Is there a format for the letter?
  • Should I give it to you or send it somewhere else?
  • Which is the deadline?

If I accept and you are accepted in the program, I kindly asked you to do the following since this can help me to provide counseling to other students:

  • Give me some feedback during your stay in the program.
  • Meet me once when you came back in order that you can share your experiences with me.