You can also check my publications at Mathscinet, Researcher ID, SCOPUSORCID, and ResearchGate.


I am working on chaotic dynamics linear operators on infinite-dimensional spaces, from the point of view of Operator Theory and Functional Analysis. These processes can be modelled through PDE’s or infinite systems of coupled ODE’s.  I am also interested in the study of large algebraic structures of pathological mathematical objects with nice properties (lineability & algebrability). Recently, I am also interested in Fractional Calculus and its applications.

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I have studied different types of problems in which Mathematics and Computer Science can provide better descriptions or predictions of some illnes and disorders such as ADHD, happiness, ageing, and cancer.

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In this area I have been working in two lines: Modelling of cyanobacteria and construction of phylogenies from metabolic networks.

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Basically, I have collaborated in several works in different areas: computer vision and image processing, modelling of logistic problems related with transport in the new economy, and message dissemination on communication networks.

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Basically, I have collaborated in several works in different areas: computer vision and image processing, modelling of logistic problems related with transport in the new economy, and message dissemination on communication networks.

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