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Soft skills at ENHANCE GOES TO UPV

The ENHANCE Alliance is part of the ERASMUS + funding program for European universities, promoted by the European Commission. The initiative aims to create an innovative framework of European networks, promoting greater mobility of students and staff, as well as innovative ways of learning and engagement with society. ENHANCE is a strong alliance of seven European technological universities, including UPV, that will inspire and drive the development and use of science and technology, for the benefit of society, turning global challenges into meaningful opportunities.

During October 19-21, 2021, the UPV held a training week for the university partners. I have participated in delivering a workshop with José Luis Poza-Lujan on Digital and soft skills in university administration.  During this workshop, we have introduced some background about the new demands of the labor market and the need to combine hard & soft skills. We also show some practical techniques and examples about how to improve your personal relations in the work environment and about how to organize and delegate tasks.

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