Special Issue «Mathematical and Computational Methods against the COVID-19 Pandemics» in Mathematics (Q1 in JCR)

Mathematics Special Issue CoVID-19

Mathematics can also contribute to the modeling of side problems to the pandemics. We point out some of them, such as data quality analysis, network medicine, healthcare services management, the physical spreading of the virus in the environment, the subsequent impact on the economy, and the social response to confinement government measures.

In any case, all the contributions and developments will be beneficial in many ways aside from coping with pandemics. Some potential topics that this Special Issue will cover, but is not limited to, are as follows: Epidemiological dynamics, diffusion modeling, compartmental and SIR type models, human dynamics, agent modeling of structured populations, network medicine, data quality, artificial intelligence and deep learning models, and data analysis of social media

Further information in https://www.mdpi.com/journal/mathematics/special_issues/Mathematics_COVID-19 Your work is welcome!!!

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