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Testing lung cancer patients’ and oncologists’ experience with the Lalaby App for monitoring the Quality of Life

As there is now a growing interest in mHealth apps for cancer patients, we here present and test the Lalaby App to monitor lung cancer patients’ Quality of life (QoL) through mobile sensors and integrated questionnaires. The app was used in a 2-week study to register two lung cancer patients’ activity without problems or interruptions. The patients frequently reported activities, symptoms, and questionnaires, indicating their engagement with the app. They registered their experience through the UEQ-S integrated into the app. Patient 1 mainly reported a neutral experience, while Patient 2 found it highly positive. They considered the app leading-edge and helpful and would recommend it to others, while both patients valued it positively (3.72 and 4.64 on a scale of 1–5). The app’s aesthetics and its notifications helped their engagement. We found correlations between sensors’ data and patients’ QoL. We also detected QoL and functional status variations after treatment for both patients. After a “Tasks Test,” two oncologists assessed the app’s dashboard usability as excellent (SUS scores 85 and 87.5 on a 0–100 scale), easy-to-use and helpful. Their experience was positive (UEQ-S overall scale 2.81 (mean), −3 to +3 scale). The app allows monitoring the QoL of lung cancer patients remotely and in real-time while controlling patients’ experience to stop the use if necessary, avoiding overwhelm.

You can find the paper at https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10447318.2022.2121561

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