Kick off of DaLiCo Eramus + project

I am responsible of the UPV group participating in the Erasmus + project DaLiCo (Data Literacy in Context), jointly with Nacho Despujol and Carlos Turró. Our partners are: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), University of Debrecren (ED), and the University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht (HU). We had the kick off meeting in November 7-8n 2019 in Hamburg.

Data Literacy (DL) is defined as the ability to collect, to manage also complex information, to evaluate and to apply data in a critical manner (Ridsdale 2015). This does also include smart use of digital resources. All students in advanced learning, irrespective of discipline, need to acquire this key competence that will allow them to thrive.

Our project, DaLiCo (Data Literacy in Context) will be focused on increasing the visibility, quality and usage of existing Data Literacy activities at the participating universities.

You can find a further description in