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We are interested in applications to any discipline in network communications, image processing, linguistics, and many more. We are also working in data visualization of Science Maps in collaboration with E. Orduña and M. Rebollo. Some recent publications on:


  1. P.A. Solares-Hernández, F.A. Manzano, F.J. Pérez-Benito, J.A. Conejero. Divisibility patterns within Pascal divisibility networks. Mathematics. 8(2), 254 (2020).
  2. P.A. Solares-Hernández, M.A. García-March, J.A. Conejero. Divisibility networks of the rational numbers in the unit interval. Symmetry 202012, 1879 (2020). doi:10.3390/math8020254


  1. J.A. Pérez-Melián, J.A. Conejero, and C. Ferri. Zipf’s and Benford’s law in Twitter hashtags. Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop at the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, pages 84–93, Valencia, Spain, April 3-7 2017. Link 978-1-945626-34-0
  2. Mª.L. Carrió, J. Alberto Conejero, A. Pérez-Gómez y P. Solares-Hernández. Spanish power distance in Twitter in the Spanish COVID-19 crisis. Círculo de Lingüística Aplicada a la Comunicación, 86, 119-134 (2021). doi.org/10.5209/clac.72653


  1. F. Pedroche, J.A. Conejero. Corrected evolutive Kendall’s τ coefficients for incomplete rankings with ties. Application to the case of Spotify lists. Mathematics. 8(10), 1828 (2020). doi:10.3390/math8101828


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