Winners of the 500k Pandemic Response Challenge

Our team VALENCIA IA4COVID, coleaded by Nuria Oliver and me, has won 500k Pandemic Response Challenge, organized by XPRIZE Foundation and supported by Cognizant. The $500K Pandemic Response Challenge, required teams to build effective data-driven AI systems capable of accurately predicting COVID-19 transmission rates and prescribing intervention and mitigation measures that, with testing in “what-if” scenarios, were shown to minimize infection rates as well as negative economic impacts.

Our group is made up of fourteen experts from the Universities and research centers of the Valencian Community. Our model successfully forecasted epidemiological evolution through their use of AI and data science and provided decision makers with the best prescriptor models to produce non-pharmaceutical intervention plans that minimize the number of infections while minimizing the stringency of the interventions.

You can find the details of the prize here  and of our model here .

Article d’opinió en VIA EMPRESA sobre la disponibilitat de dades

Article d’opinió al voltant de la disponibilitat de dades al voltant de la evolució de la pandèmia del COVID-19. Després de portar uns mesos analitzant dades sobre l’evolució de la COVID-19 hem comprovat que algunes coses han millorat i que ha augmentat la disponibilitat de les dades i l’accés a aquests.

Comptar cada vegada amb ciutadans amb una major cultura de l’ús de les dades ens permet ser més corresponsables en la presa de decisions individuals i poder recolzar amb major criteri les decisions dels organismes oficials.

Pots trobar l’article sencer en



Investigadores de la UPV trabajan en la lucha contra la COVID-19 a través de la Ciencia de Datos

We Alberto Conejero (Instituto Universitario de Matemática Pura y Aplicada, IUMPA) and Miguel Rebollo (of the Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, VRAIN) of UPV are part of the Data Science Working Group in the Fight against COVID-19 , of the Commissioner for the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana on Strategy for Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences against COVID-19. News appeared in UPV, in El Periodic newspaper and in RUVID website.

Rankings and Spotify

I have recently presented a contribution in the with Francisco Pedroche on rankings. We have particularized to Spotify. While people around the world stopped, music didn’t: we have shown that during the worst months of the pandemic, the list of the Top-200 hits on Spotify, produced from the streams registered on the popular app, had 18% more songs. The most played songs worldwide, during the months studied, were Dance Monkey (Tones and I), Blinding Lights (The Weeknd), and The Box (Roddy Ricch).

This means that, regardless of whether record companies published new material or not, listeners changed their preferences more often during the pandemic, thus causing an increase in the number of songs that made the lists. Thus, the first quarter of 2019 registered 474 songs on the Top 200 list, whereas in the same period of this year, the number of hits was 557, which represents an 18% increase. This figure reveals a significant increase when compared to the 1% decrease that took place during the same period from 2018 to 2019, or the 9% increase from 2017 to 2018.

Screenshot by Monkey Dance by Tones and I.

Some links to the news on this paper: MUSIC NEWS, TIME24, La Vanguardia, and ABC.

Diario Libre de Rep. Dominicana. Ingenieros dominicanos aportan avances en el estudio de los números primos y el triángulo de Pascal

News appeared in Diario Libre of the Dominican Republic about my joint work with my students Pedro A. Solares Hernández and Fernando A. Manzano, together with Fco. Javier Pérez Benito. In this work, we study divisibility properties of Pascal’s triangle numbers. Link to the article.

Link to the publication in the mathematical journal Mathematics, from MDPI publisher, 

Modelo matemático para evaluar el impacto energético de los recubrimientos GCover.

En este proyecto, investigadores del Instituto Universitario de Matemática Pura y Aplicada (IUMPA) y de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (ETSA) de la UPV hemos desarrollado un modelo completo para evaluar las prestaciones de uno de los productos de la compañía como aislante térmico en la construcción. La Vanguardia y otros medios se han hecho eco de nuestro trabajo.

20200208 - GCover - La Vanguardia

Podéis leer también la noticia completa también en la página web de la UPV.

«Las Matemáticas suman en los Campus» – Entrevista en el diario Levante-EMV

La UPV va a ofertar el próximo curso dobles grados en Matemáticas con Ingeniería de Telecomunicaciones e Ingeniería Civil.

El diario Levante-EMV ha publicado un reportaje al respecto, «LAS MATEMÁTICAS SUMAN EN LOS CAMPUS» en el que me entrevistan sobre la puesta en marcha de los mismos y la orientación y salidas profesionales de estos títulos. Adjunto un link a la noticia publicada y el artículo publicado Las Matemáticas Suman en los Campus.