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Full professor position at UPV

On November 12th, I got the position of Full Professor at the Dept. of Applied Mathematics of UPV. It has been a long and winding trip of almost 22 years since I started my PhD. I did not think about this when I started. I did not dream of it. I neither consider it as the measure of academic success.

After getting the tenure position in 2009, I did not think about it for some time. However, 8 years ago I simply thought one day: Maybe I can get it, why not? Essentially, it is to keep on working day after day and getting more results. And I started to keep on working even at night or before dawn. Later, three years ago in the lobby of a hotel in Boston, reading the new criteria for becoming a full professor I thought, I absolutely will get it.

Many people have asked me if I am happier or if I have celebrated. Truth be told that happiness only lasted some days, later you return to your daily tasks and almost forget it. Besides, celebrations are very limited in these strange times, so almost anything has changed in my life after it.

Does it worth all the time invested? I honestly do not know. I enjoyed quite a lot during the path, but for the things you meet along the way, not because of the position, and to be focused on the path you missed many things. You can never have it all and you have to decide.



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