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PhD Thesis

Supervised PhD Thesis

  1. Xavier Barrachina Civera. Distributional chaos of C0-semigroups of operators (UPV, 2013). Codirected with Alfredo Peris.
  2. Cristina Pérez Benito. Color image processing based on Graph Theory (UPV, 2019). Codirected with Cristina Jordán y Samuel Morillas.
  3. Miguel E. Iglesias Martínez. Development of algorithms of statistical signal processing for the detection and pattern recognition in time series. Application to the diagnosis of electrical machines and to the features extraction in actigraphy signals (UPV, 2020). Codirected with Jose A. Antonino-Daviu y Pedro Fdez. de Córdoba.
  4. Francisco Javier Pérez Benito. Healthcare data heterogeneity and its contribution to machine learning performance (UPV, 2020). Codirected with Juan M. García Gómez.
  5. Pedro A. Solares Hernández. Sets of numbers from complex networks perspective (UPV,2021). Codirected with Miguel A. García March.
  6. Ainara Mira Iglesias. Applications of visibility graphs for the representation of time series (UPV, 2021). Codirected with Esperanza Navarro.
  7. Òscar Garibo-i-Orts. Anomalous diffusion characterization using machine learning (UPV, 2023). Codirected with Miguel A. García-March.
  8. María Mora Jiménez. Numerical approximations with tensor-based techniques for high-dimensional problems (UPV, 2023). Codirected with Antonio Falcó.
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