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viernes, julio 12, 2024

Subphenotyping of Mexican Patients With COVID-19 at Preadmission To Anticipate Severity Stratification

In our recent paper published in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, we aimed to discover age-sex unbiased COVID-19 patient subphenotypes based on easily available phenotypical data before admission, such as pre-existing comorbidities, lifestyle habits, and demographic features, to study the potential early severity stratification capabilities of the discovered subgroups through characterizing their severity patterns, including prognostic, intensive care unit (ICU), and morbimortality outcomes.

With our proposed 2-stage cluster analysis methodology produced a discriminative characterization of the sample and explainability over age and sex. These results can potentially help in understanding the clinical patient and their stratification for automated early triage before further tests and laboratory results are available and even in locations where additional tests are not available or to help decide resource allocation among vulnerable subgroups such as to prioritize vaccination or treatments.

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