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Wakamola Part 2: A user-centered chatbot to identify and interconnect individual, social and environmental risk factors related to overweight and obesity

The objective of this study was to assess the feasibility of using a user-centered chatbotfor collecting linked data to study overweight and obesity causes ina target population. In total 980 people participated in the feasibility study organized in three studies: (1) within a group of university students (88 participants), (2) in a small town (422 participants), and (3) within a university community (470 participants). We gathered self-reported data through the Wakamola chatbot regarding participants diet, physical activity, social network, living area, obesity-associated diseases, and sociodemographic data. For each study, we calculated the mean Body Mass Index (BMI) and number of people in each BMI level. Also, we defined and calculated scores (1–100 scale) regarding global health, BMI, alimentation, physical activity and social network. Moreover, we graphically represented obesity risk for living areas and the social network with nodes colored by BMI.

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