Since 2014 I have been collaborating with Diego Orzáez, Jesús Picó and Javier F. Urchuegía as instructor of the UPV team participating in the iGEM  (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition. It is a unique event in the world, where engineering is combined with genetics. I have participated there advising students on mathematical modeling issues and supervising the computer parts of the project. In addition, I have collaborated with the students in tasks of coordination and definition of the project, as well as on its presentation.

The team achieved in 2014 the prize for the Best Collection of Parts, shared with the Imperial College with its Sexy Plant project. In this project, a plant was modified to release feromones and confuse the moths.

In 2015, theAladDNA project was designed to design a system that would allow the production of 4 different substances from a combination of lights of different colors.

In 2016, theHYPE-IT (Hack Your Plants Editing) tried to make the improvement of the genetic edition of plants accessible through the CRISPR-Cas 9 technology, for which it had software that allowed locating targets according to phenotypes to be improved. . In addition, a labware made the use of this technology cheaper. This project received the awards for the Best Software Tool and the Best Hardware Tool in the Giant Jamboree.